A post about nothing


Sometimes I find myself randomly quoting Dr Ian Malcolm’s “Life, uh, finds a way” line from Jurassic Park. I’ll say this usually to my partner in my best Jeff Goldblum-esque impression. Family Guy thankfully depicts a scene as the perfect example except for additional awkwardness I may even go into a random topic maintaining the impression.

Generally, I do this to garner a laugh from her but also to entertain myself in moments of super self-awareness of how ridiculous a situation is and choose to channel my inner Goldblum.

The worse I’d be subjected to privately is a groan or eye roll, not much to lose.


Mind if I keep talking about Goldblum and how I would love to catch one of his jazz performances one day in the flesh as I’ve only seen him play in interviews and captured performances online? Oh, I just did, convenient.

Back to Jeff. Can you imagine all the things you could ask Jeff Goldblum in person after what I presume would be engaging playful banter? Surely questions like “Can I call you Jeffrey, Jeff… like just me, nobody else?” something like that. I imagine he’d probably just wiggle his ears in response. Fascinating.

Now seems a good time while Jeffrey continues to glare judging me and you that I talk about the YouTube situation, my YouTube situation, My Tubuation T̶h̶e̶ ̶S̶i̶t̶Y̶o̶u̶-̶T̶u̶-̶a̶-̶t̶i̶o̶n̶.
Anyway, the good news is that there is now a channel setup at youtube.com/thezenchi although surprise surprise it’s empty. No content is scheduled to be uploaded until the new year.I’m at peace with the decision. Speak to my agent, moving on.

I recently saw a movie titled A Dangerous Man while browsing through the movie channels on TV  (as in paying cable subscription TV, Gasp!) and all I saw was this synopsis.

Just a glance at the movie description and I KNEW by this cheesy mess of a plot summary that this had to be a Steven Seagal movie.

How was the movie? It’s a typical straight to DVD Seagal movie.
The scene I’m sharing just about sums up this and about every other Seagal movie at least from the noughties. The clips strictly NSFW and that’s not because of the violence, blood and vulgarity oh no no. It’s actually for Seagal hamming it up.

Really enjoyed the dubbed audio at 2: 42. Seagal’s a righteous guy. Still really like The Glimmer Man.

I’ve been asked a few times if I have seen Rick and Morty and unsurprisingly the answer is YES. It’s a fun and engaging series that’s quite witty and surreal at all times. Plenty simplified moral and social commentary good consumable entertainment. I do chuckle at the dark humour especially if mixed with uncomfortable tone shifts. The concepts and ideas Rick and Morty delivers are actually refreshing, though what each viewer takes from the show be it laughs or reflection depends on the maturity of the individual. It’s also all admittedly nothing new but that’s perfectly fine, nothing wrong with that.

Originally I thought Rick and Morty would have been more of a  dimension of the week ordeal when I first had the show explained to me so I expected Bo Jack Horseman meets Sliders and it sort of is I suppose more Bo than Mallory.

Watching Rick’s relentless nihilistic attitude and possessiveness of Morty(ies?) and constant cynicism of everything can be quite exhausting.Rick’s quite a depressing character who’s admittedly been through unspeakable experiences so is it justified. Hmm. No.
I recommend anyone not put off by fairly grim satirical humour to consider watching the show but to remember to move on, there’s more thought-provoking entertaining content out there.

The vocal fandom of Rick and Morty are an interesting community I never really paid attention to the fiasco with the  Mulan Szechuan Sauce but knowyourmeme covers the story at the time quite well.

It doesn’t seem like anyone brings this up anywhere I’ve looked but the young man talking in the McDonald’s promotional advert is Aldis Hodge.

That name may or may not resonate with you but Aldis has quite the impressive filmography. I had seen him in Hidden Figures, Girlfriends, and Friday Night Lights but it was actually due to the speech impediment present during his memorable role in Die Hard with a Vengeance performance as Raymond.

This was good we should do it again soon. Here’s a clip I’ll leave you with from Die Hard 3 with questionable life advice from Samuel L-shove a lightening-bolt-up-your-Jackson.