The occasional glimpses of the mind of Zenchi

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July 13, 2024

The Waiting Game

Discussing clairvoyance would seem like quite the daunting task. Many people would have an image in their mind of how someone would operate if they had such a skill or gift (however you want to look at it) and that image may be based on various influences provided to them through life (in the west)

June 23, 2024

Pick a Card

For the travelling digital nomad having the right card for the job can be difficult and I’m not here to find that work that out for you as the needs of the many complicated the needs of the few. Today I’m just here to mention a few cards in my minimalist arsenal but if you

June 22, 2024

Have you ever been?

I very much believe in transparency and while I truly would like to make clear even with transparency one should not always reveal all details I do have no issue speaking on some of my bulletpoint moments in my journey. It is very true that through my line of work I had come across many

June 8, 2024


It was common to tell stories about heroes that focused purely on their distinct qualities that made them the exceptional individuals that they were. Certain traits, morals and actions that was innate to that being so rarely observed in others. You could acknowledge the actions these heroes took and maybe even take on that outlook

May 22, 2024


Being present for the birth of my daughter was one of the most vital experiences of my life, being able to welcome her into the world on a rainy day and place her into my partners embrace was quite magical.  This was my partners first time giving birth vaginally as her other children (twins from