"Try not to make baseless assumptions especially regarding the nature of People.  An open mind will open doors."

About Me

I'm Managing Director of UK Based company Zenchi LTD providing domain name consulting and brokerage services to digital asset investors and private corporate clients worldwide.

מלאך, Dragon,  Gemini,  INFJ and Tired.

I help people sell words for money and also to understand them.

Call me Zenchi if it makes you comfortable as it's also my online pseudonym for gaming and other activities.

I currently reside in Guelph (The Royal City), Canada so I know a lot about bagged milk, quality maple syrup and apologising a lot but I hail from London (It's alright), England so I love my tea, complaining and apologising so not too different.

My passions are in all aspects of humanity, my main interests are to put simply, People.

You'll find me always working on some sort of personal project and trying to improve society as a whole behind the scenes.  

Telling you information about me that has no real substance because that's just how it is.

Reading: You & One, None and a Hundred Thousand

Watching:  The BoysHuman

Playing: Life

Steam: Zenchi Xbox: Zenchi PSN: ZenchiX BNet: Zenchi#1267 Discord: Zenchi#0001