What does Personal Accountability mean in today’s world what does it mean to you?
Many individuals today are blessed in countless ways that I will not take the time to list. The most notable  is the reach in communication in which we can share a message thanks to technology. In the past we were limited in not only on where and who we could interact with (limited to those you knew in person locally) but also the speed of the method to share our ideas.
Your average person barely had reach beyond regional unless you had connections to a national paper or broadcasting news network.
Presuming you are lucky enough to have somewhat unrestricted access to online services a person today is now capable of amassing large audiences on a plethora of social platforms.
Spreading the word has never been easier to share imagery and video footage via mobile at the ground level. Injustices and matters one feels should be public knowledge are now more easily reported.
It is now not uncommon for the average denizen of earth without a degree in journalism to be the breaking source for news gathering.
We are ALL now guerilla journalist whether we realise it or not. Every Sensational Tweet, Photo, Video and  live recorded footage  can now come from anyone… and that’s a little problem.
Unlike traditional Journalists and Reporters that are held to a higher ethical standard the rest of us are we should still have a personal responsibility and caution in what we share and how we present it.
When you put yourself out there and find yourself with a large audience decide preferably before if you are going to show an unbiased and critical point of view with your interactions on the internet.
Do you have a clear stance on opinionated matters or do you just want to stay out of it all and talk about memes? Maybe a balance is best.
Make it clear with your audience ASAP and stick to it and if you change how you wish to propose yourself on your platform later MAKE IT CLEAR.
We are not just budding journalist but we also consumers of the new news media.
As a consumer you must also perform due diligence on the sources you get your news feed.
The tweet everyone is sharing who is it from how reliable are they?
You know that news article you read on that infamous “social news and entertainment”  source (that has nothing to do with bee food products) have you even bothered to search around for other independent sources on the story to confirm its legitimacy and accuracy? No. You really should.
If you really care about an issue/topic then investigate and be objective before you come to any conclusion.  Read articles fully, watch video footage in full BEFORE giving your opinion.
For those purposely involved in platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, You Now, Instagram and have a social voice and reach they find growing then please be very mindful of this current modern world. The messages you put out have immense influence over the general public while I can’t force you to use it positively why would you not isn’t the world harsh enough?
Company employees today like to make little disclaimers on their social profiles to make it clear their personal opinions are their own . It’s cute but has no legal effect still people should take that sense of accountability trusted on them seriously. Protect your image because you control it nobody else.  We are responsible for What We Say and What We Do.
Think before you speak/type and share to the world. With that sense of coherency we will all benefit and you’ll have less to worry about.