Hello Mr President

 I watched the now concluded US elections “yesterday” in London. Much was on my mind all of which nothing to do with the elections but regardless a certain colourful individual by the name of  Donald J(ohn) Trump had won the US Presidency. It seems like an upset if you were to go by US Popular media.
It’s very strange to see grown adults seemingly losing their senses over the verdict. I would of thought to see Left Americans having composure but I suppose not, gone are those days. I suspect some protesting, more dubious news articles from false news sources full of misinformation to mess with the US public. All to rile up the nation before the inauguration no doubt.
I’ve no idea of the order of priority you place certain geographical news but I thought you should know there were 60 other “Presidential” elections worldwide this year. I can only name the results of around 10 and also of which only 3-4 feel relevant to my reality.  The US election pantomime however reminded me of something very close to heart… Brexit of which a referendum took place and the British Nation answered a dividing YES to leaving the EU.  That decision still remains a hard pill to swallow for many BUT it is one that will be swallowed much like the not so surprising results in the US election.
Frequently I find myself listening to people and their plights.  I enjoy learning other people’s beliefs and values I don’t try to push my way of thinking I try to respect theirs and hope they’ll respect mine and together find a solution. We can absolutely work together to all GROW and certainly not seek to harm each other(s). We can certainly coexist but nobody said it would be easy.
I was always quite disgusted to see how the media often purposely downplayed “right” issues. There are some questionable people who tend to follow Right-Wing politics but no more than the questionable  people on than those who lean Left it’s a matter or perspective.
It is horrifying how eager the American Left are to censor those who do not fit a perfect PC mindset or want to pat themselves on the back for being such Good People I am wary of such notions. It is divisive and toxic.
What it comes down to once one looks past the over zealous and outspoken are normal people with slightly different views who want food on the table and their share of the pie. They must not be ignored and silenced just because their way of life and job description don’t match the current progressive outlook.
Any group can be marginalized and if pushed enough expect one hell of a shove right back and they’ll bring friends too.
The dialogue must always be flowing to keep the peace and balance. It doesn’t matter what kind of leader you elect it’s down to the actual public the normal day to day citizens to make the change that you all seek.
The Electoral College votes as Americans should know by now is what truly matters. So it always boggles my mind why the US doesn’t take a good look at its system for some adjustment.
Image Courtesy of The New York Times
Good Luck USofA and try not to bicker too much among yourselves the world if watching and groaning.