It would seem I took quite the writing hiatus and for that dear reader whoever you are out there, I apologise for not being here I truly do.

Now that we’ve got that I’ve been a horrible cosmic pen pal out of the way I wanted you to know moving one’s Family to a new home is indeed a tad bit stressful but nonetheless is quite a rewarding experience provided the end result in this case is an improvement to ones prior setting that being more square footage, higher premiums and a garden that feels like the setting for a whimsical novel suitable for a young child to grow up exploring.

Now that I find myself settled focus returns to work and that nagging calling for bringing harmony & understanding to all.

With that said moving with an energetic curious baby and lethargic twin teenagers is quite the task and yet somehow I did manage to catch the abysmal fall of a Targaryen and decided to pursue my interest in private investigation to which is progressing positively towards being licensed. This new revelation does not end any of my prior pursuits and duties in fact I find it all intertwines quite effortlessly.

I’m quite eager to get back into buying domains again for my own personal portfolio (which if I’m honest is less than 20 domains currently) but it’s certainly been some time since I’ve bought for myself and the domains I’m interested in tend to be quite pricey but hey let’s see what I come across never know what will catch my eye for the right figure.

Before I go I wanted to ask you something and it won’t take long.

I want to hear from You. I want to know You.

Tell me your story tell me what you represent and the experiences you’ve had especially the struggles you’ve overcome and still fight. I will listen. Let us not be strangers, let us know each other and Grow.

Let’s talk.

Peace and Love, Always.