Very recently I was able to read a decision regarding a domain name owned by a client of mine that went through a UDRP complaint process. I’ll admit I did let out a fairly audible sigh though upon reading the outcome though it was not one for relief.

No this sigh was for the sudden realisation of just how unnecessary this all was for not only myself and client but dare I say the company itself that for what I can only imagine were actions made upon trusted yet misinformed (legal?) advice given during early negotiations to purchase the domain name before deciding to file the UDRP complaint much to their own detriment.

Some call it the “Classic Plan B” but it’s just a bizarre tactic that fails time and time again to any party  misusing the process especially when one that could easily be avoided by actually reading the readily accessible policy.

I’ve often been questioned for being too cautious with my wording and communicating passively which admittedly is at times true but to be clear is a conscious action.
I choose to listen in the same manner as I wish for my subject to have a good understanding of my ideas and thoughts and it is not always necessary for assertive communication to be used.

I’ll continue attentively listen and flow with my neutral tone onward for the most part and when the moments arise I will command the attention or direct accordingly when appropriate.

Unsaid companies ceo/founder was once pitched a deal while heading down his company headquarter office elevators. He says the pitch took less than one minute and it must of been a heck of a speech as he still recalled at the time what seemed every detail of that talk which by the end earned a handshake and $100k investment into that individuals product.

If only the courtesy of a minute conversation was had between us before filing (maybe during the early negotiation that stopped abruptly) or even if a few minutes to read the UDRP Policy was taken then perhaps this whole ordeal could of been avoided.

Well anyway it appears this is my level. Welcome back to the ground floor.

The only shit I willingly want to continue to deal with now that isn’t the backlog of important tasks to complete before upcoming deadlines is my 4 month old Daughters diapers.

Be Well, Everyone.