The road to YouTube

I’ve perfected that it means to have poor posting frequency but I promise you it’s all for the good of humanity if I posted too much you’d die of boredom. In actual fact, I actually finally finished my video project for YouTube with enough content for 2 episodes to follow up afterward so I’ll actually be able to show you all what took over a year to work into existence quite soon.

Before I go I wanted to bring up a question a few days ago I was asked by a close friend specifically, “How do you feel about abhorrent behavior or toxicity (the current buzzword) within the online gaming community?”.

I must admit I have quite an uneasy feeling in my gut when giving an opinion that at first is naturally going to generalise a group one that I realise doesn’t even really exist at least not as one coherent voice but a plethora of micro-communities. One has to be careful here because we are speaking “in general”.

Why are the negative behaviors so easily coddled in games like Overwatch, CS: GO, League of Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds there are many aspects of the design of a game that will foster people to react badly in a highly competitive environment creating the perfect cesspool for toxicity.

I wrote up such a large reply initially to her question but decided it would be better to prepare a reply to the main topic itself in a video which I will be working on since I feel it’s such an ongoing topic that isn’t going to be solved quickly anytime soon since you know we’re only Human and toxic behaviour is everywhere.

See you soon more frequently strangers.

– Zenchi