I should apologise

Allow me to admit my last post was written with very poor foresight which is quite like me really though I promise it all tends to work out. Unforeseen circumstances saw me best friends with flight terminals for most of June but I find myself back in Canada now very much ready to resume things.

I’ll get that mysterious YouTube video up and we’ll see if the mantle of Guardian is truly deserved.

You know I can’t help but want to leave you with something interesting to read that’s actually domain name related for once and with some HEAT straight from a lions mouth.

This post here is from Rick Schwartz also known as The Domain King he’s kind of a God Father of sorts in the domain name industry. The King recently defended his Queen.com in a reverse hijacking case as explained in his post that I feel makes a great ongoing case study from an individual that can make corporations kneel. Rick is quite the energetic descriptive writer I promised you’ll be enthralled.