Let’s talk about YouTube

I’ve been visiting YouTube since 2006 according to my account registration date and since then YouTube has been a platform I’ve come to appreciate immensely over the years not only for entertainment purposes (which is actually not what originally attracted me to the site) but its educational and the societal implications of youtube as a search engine and video-sharing platform .
When I discuss YouTube with friends it’s a mixed bag of feedback some only use YouTube in a casual manner to listen to music check out the odd random viral video and oh another James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke… sigh.
However, to someone with more interest to navigate the YouTubeVerse you’d find it’s a massive community-based ecosystem with countless genres and subjects you couldn’t even imagine. My partner used to enjoy People Watching in her teens with her friend at the mall, I used to do the same at a local park in London in my youth casually observing others and the surroundings.
I loved that term “People Watching” and today with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit and of course YouTube. They’ve made us all into Part-Time People Watchers and many really clock in the hours.
To call YouTube big is an understatement and it’s delicious for human expression manufactured of otherwise.  Let me put something into perspective for you the size of YouTubes immense content and user base.
An estimated 1.3 Billion people use YouTube and the site receives over 30 Million visitors a day of which 400 hours of content is uploaded every minute. That’s over 2 years of watchable content in 1 hour of uploads from users around the globe. It can make one feel like an astrophysicist making attempts to explain vastness YouTube much like our (known) Universe while there’s so much to see there’s a whole lot of perceived emptiness too.
There are thousands of years worth of watchable content that will have 0-1 views never to be seen by anyone other than its creator. I’ve often purposefully gone hunting for ancient videos finding myself the first viewer observing a poor soul who for whatever reason put themselves out there but did not get exposure for a variety of reasons.
Knowing this one could perhaps take solace if they manage to get any views at all. Still, thankfully there are many methods to help out those new to the platform and wishing to produce content and those who take the time to incorporate these tactics into their work can get SEEN at the very least.
Trust me to make being a YouTuber quite a daunting task today with the competition but one could apply that to anything and there’s no sense letting it hold one back.
For nearly a year I have been preparing to launch a personal YouTube Channel and the experience and knowledge I’ve gained has been beneficial.  I’ve learned a lot about the YouTube community and the people who make it up and maybe this series I’ve produced will have value to many out there.  It feels very odd to come close to uploading the first video which I’m aiming to upload in early June and then to try and stick to a schedule.
I’ve told so many close to me that the video would be ready “soon” for months that I never thought I’d get to actually releasing anything at all. With client related work and my other ventures and commitments, it’s going to be interested to see how well YouTube as a content creator fits into my lifestyle. Let’s hope efficiently.
Next post will likely be an update on how the YT channel launch goes and sharing some useful apps I come across. I’ll see you then.