Seems I managed to get a 2nd Friday 101 out just before the month is out. I’d congratulate myself but really it just shows my poor commitment to actually posting in a regular manner.
Well, self-deprecating comments  behaviour aside I’m going to talk about useful browser extensions I’ve been using heavily over the month perhaps some of them could be useful to a few of you out there.
While I can’t possibly know what browser every soul uses all the extensions mentioned today will work on the most popular browsers such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox and maybe even the Microsoft Edge.

WhatFont Tool was introduced to me by a charming friend which fortunately has now become a staple part of my browsing arsenal. Admittedly there are various ways to identify a font used on websites but WhatFont is a no-nonsense tool useful for those with high interest in typography as I do.  When activated all you have to do is hover over the text for a simple answer to what ails ya. If you want more information you just click for a more detailed description.
If you’re a graphic/web designer you may never know when inspiration may strike and overall this is just a very productive and useful tool for anyone to be honest.  Give WhatFont a go and see if it’s worth keeping installed for you.
I’ll be one to admit that I shop online probably much more than your average consumer. When you’re on first name basis with Delivery Drivers gifting you sacks of packages to turn Ol’ Saint Nick green with envy then I think it’s fair to say I’m an online ordering connoisseur.
That’s what I like about Honey it searches and tests codes for you automatically cycling through the database to give you the best code and applying it on the checkout page they also can give you extra cashback on purchases if you use their premium service.
The creators of Honey seem rather transparent with the use of your data they do not share or sell on a user’s private info and for now, that truly appears to be the case.
I’ve saved around $200 over the course of a month with Honey but it’s really going to depend on where you frequently tend to shop because if those establishments don’t actively have promotions then Honey is going to be a tool for you overall.
You can find out more about Honey and sign up by visiting
There is one very special tool I wanted to also discuss today but with time cut short I, think I’ll make a dedicated post to it alone.
Enjoy your weekend strangers.