A Domainer

“I’m a Domainer.” That’s the answer I usually give when asked what I do for a living which is usually then met with confusion and that is fair since “Domainer/Domaining” isn’t exactly listed in your average A-Z of careers and occupations.
It’s more accurate to say I’m a Domain Name Investor, Broker and Developer; Domainer covers that pretty well. The average online user more than likely know what a “Vlogger” does as a profession/hobby well before even basic knowledge what Domain Speculating even means.

So allow me to explain what a Domainer and Domaining actually is you curious souls.
To be fair when one calls themselves a Domainer it’s a very broad and opinionated declaration, kind of like when one may refer to themselves as an Artist in the sense that there’s such an extensive spectrum on what qualifies to be an ‘Artist’ or what Art even is now that I think about it.
I won’t go into a philosophical debate on that since we’re really talking about what a Domainer is and it’s not THAT deep but nonetheless, it does need a fair explanation.
This blog post will only tell you a few types of Domain Name Speculation/Domaining that I find is prominent in the industry and is relevant to how I and my small team operate.
A Domainer is a person/group who buy, sell or monetizes their domain name property for profit or gain. As in Real Estate where property/land is the commodity its the same in Domaining as Domains and/or the content and traffic associated are the online real estate commodity in the digital sense.
Using that analogy Domainers are essentially Digital Real Estate Investors.That’s the basic description.
Contrary to public perception if there’s any at all that is domain sale transactions actually happen every day mostly between $50 and $10,000 on average publically and privately.
High priced sales such as Sex.com for $13M in 2010 or 360.com for $17M in 2015 aren’t so rare many happen under NDA. Many other high sales are reported publicly just check some sales below reported by DNJournal.
Top 10 highest "Public" Domain sales of 2016 and 2017 to date.
Top 10 highest “Public” Domain sales of 2016 and 2017 to date.
Domain name sales clearly are still a lucrative market to those who understand take time understand the domain industry.
It takes researching skills, patience, networking and people skills along with a voracious ambition to even be a successful Domainer. The majority who partake into Domaining never even make a profit and actually LOSE money.
The idea of domaining is a full-time job or retiring off “one big sale” is a pipe dream for many amateurs getting their feet wet however I’ll tell you right now. Domains are not lottery tickets.
There are many types of Domainers but I’ll only go over the main subcategory types that when executed correctly results in success. I’m not here to preach just to testify so I’ll be avoiding what NOT to do as a domainer I’m sure you can imagine how struggling domainers perform in contrast.
Domain Flippers – Proactive Flippers buy and resell domain(s) usually with little to no development or content present fairly quickly for sufficient profit though some may have the patience to get a higher sale but the turnover is immediate to just a few months.
Flippers buy domains low and below perceived potential value from their experience like some sort of ‘American Pickers’ of the Domaining world.
Flippers work best focusing on one domain or a handful of domains at a time.  The goal is quick profit leading to a larger game for a bigger flip.
Domain Developers – Prefer to actually do something with their domain property purchased which is to BUILD. Whether it be freshly hand registered domain, established aged high traffic keyword or premium domains obtained they’ll correctly implement SEO tactics, affiliate marketing, direct advertising and just general monetization of the property.
Producing 3-4 figures per month in gross profits with a domain property is child’s play to a talented developer.
High web development skills bring value to a plain uninspiring domain and increase the value 10 fold of an already premium domain asset and nobody knows this better than a Domain Developer.
Domain Investors – An investor can do many aspects of what a Flipper and Developer does but not necessarily always for the same end game.
Investors take things a little slower and methodically always performing due diligence on potential investments. Possessing a portfolio of high-quality domains that are generic, brandable, high profile that is making you money around the clock.
Domain sale transactions are only made for maximizing revenue and profits.
Investors need a strong understanding of determining a domain’s value by performing the research necessary while keeping up to date with industry news.
The strategy is often that of the long game when an Investor sells high you will most certainly know it.
Domain Collectors – Most domain collectors don’t purchase the way a typical Domain Investor or even Domain Flipper would, it has a purpose but it isn’t generally for profit it’s usually sentimental like collecting trading cards.
A collector will buy numerous domains because they feel like it or they feel compelled but the name should be of quality.
If you asked a collector asked for plans with the domain they’ll always explain some far off in the future plan for development.  Collectors are like hoarders except the successful ones are hoarding gems.
An uninformed person could argue this could be seen as purpose cybersquatting but as long as new registrations and domain names purchased do not contain trademarks to which they hold no rights that could cause legal issues then there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Lastly, we have Domain Brokers who operate independently or in teams mediating and negotiating domain name transactions for an individual, small business and corporate clients alike.
Domain Brokers generally work on a set percentage commission in general at the completion of the transaction between parties.
As you are now aware there’s a lot that can go into being a Domainer and it takes an element of living and breathing domains and a thirst for knowledge and capable of making sound judgments.
To end things off for those still interested here are a few resources to check out for learning more about the domain industry and being a domainer.
I could explain more it’s true but I have some great resources already out there to check out.
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